Thursday, July 19, 2012

Marriage Registration Procedure - Explained

Finally on June 30th, I could get my marriage registration done in Bangalore and that too without involving any touts/agents and without paying any bribe.
I had thought of collecting all the required information and mandatory documents required, and then go to the registrar office one day and all done. And that's what I did.
Let me first write about documents required and what you might need to do to get those particular documents/proofs, and then will state information about what is to be done after you enter into registrar office.
(Note: This is particular about bangalore, KA, but most of the things must be applicable to other cities/states as well)

Documents required -
(1) 2 Registration form filled in BLOCK LETTERs (without any mistake or cut-marks) and an application form
(You can get this form outside registrar office, total 3 forms for Rs. 30)
(2) Address Proof for both bride and groom
(3) Age Proof for both bride and groom
(4) Invitation card - 1 original
(5) Marriage photo - 1
(6) 2B size recent joint photo - 5 copies

Before we go into details, you have to find out which registrar office you need to go to to get the registration done.
Many people on various social forums have suggested me that being in India, as an Indian Citizen, I can go to any registrar office and get this done anywhere in country. But when I went to Koramangala sub-registrar office (near to my current residence), I got to know that I can only go to registrar office which comes under the same jurisdiction as my address-proof document. So, you better visit the sub-registrar office and get this info confirmed.

(1) Registration form and Application form: Write in BLOCK LETTERS only. Don't do any mistake or cut-marks, otherwise form will not be accepted. Witnesses' signature is required only, not the witnesses in person, atleast in Koramangala BDA complex [Bommanhalli Sub-Registrar Office].

(2) Address Proof: Address proof is required for both bride and bridegroom. So, if one has the address proof of bangalore residence and other partner has address proof for some other city/state, that is fine.
Address proofs accepted are [As pre Koramangala sub-registrar office Notice] -
a) Driving License
b) Passport
c) Ration card
d) Voter-Id card
Any address proof other than above, like company letter, bank passbook, rental/lease agreement, gas connection bill, telephone bill will not be accepted. If you have anything like this, take along with you to get Residential (Domicile) Certificate from Revenue Authority, Tahsildar's Office, K. G. Road, Bangalore.
[Important  Note: If you have any of the 4 documents having Jayanagar, Bangalore address, and you currently stay at some other place like Koramangala etc, best is to go to Jayanagar Sub-Registrar Office and get this done.]
Now, how to get this Domicile certificate done?
Let me tell how I have done - With all possible documents supporting my current residence proof, I have taken along with me and reached Revenue Authority, 2nd floor, Tahsildar's office on KG Road, Bangalore near Mysore Bank circle. I have taken -
airtel landline bill, vehicle registration card (RC book), Insurance copy, rental agreement, Company letter, self-swearing affidavit (residential address) by notary. Better take photograph of the Notice pasted in Sub-registar office about address proof and domicile certificate to make them understand why you came there. Because, when you reach there for domicile certificate they will again ask for same DL, Ration card, passport and voter id card, but had you possessed those documents, then why would you have gone there?
Go to 2nd floor, you will meet a lot of agents on the way in the building as well as in the office also, they will ask your purpose of visit, answer them, ask what all is required, and how much? Its not required, but just for fun. :-)
Ask where does the revenue officer or concerned officer in that office sit who can take your request. There is Madam Manjula, Revenue Inspector, she is a nice officer and would take the request. One more thing, all the documents you take along with you, take the original for verification, and xerox copy attested by the lawyer(public notary). The operator ideally should take the documents, file a request on his computer, and will tell you how long will take to get your certificate done. Ideally, if you have all the above documents in order and attested, you better not pay any money apart from application fee (which is Rs 20 something). Try to take some contact from there, whom you can call before you go there again to get that certificate.

(3) Age proof: Nothing much to say here, any govt document like DL, 10th marksheet or any govt id card would do this.

4, 5 and 6 are as simple as that.

Once you have all these documents, go to registrar office around 10 AM, and ask for the officer who will take the documents set and also verify them with the originals. Officer will then give to computer operator, who will type a few details, ask you to recheck them, scan your documents etc and also generate a reciept. Keep an eye on the operator whatever he is taking printouts, so that you know what is the amount written on the reciept generated for the marriage registration fees. Because what happens, at the end when your work is done, they handover your 2 copies of marriage certificate and will explain how to store it etc etc, and then will tell you to pay the fee to the peon at the table side. When you go there, the peon will ask for fees, when you ask how much, he will say, whatever you feel for office expense, scan documents etc etc. But the reality is that, scanning fees, and application fees etc are already included in total fees mentioned in the receipt. Ask him to handover the receipt to you (if you don't know the amount beforehand) and then pay only how much you are getting the recepit for. They had tried their best to hide the receipt till the end, but I had already seen the amount, and in my case, it was only Rs. 145, and I paid that much only. No BRIBE. :-)

In case of any more confustion or more clarifiation, leave a comment, and I will help you.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

...... Aur pyaar ho gaya

Tanha si thi yeh raahein, mila hai humsafar kuch yun.
Chalna hai tere sang, haatho main haath, gaate hue nayi dhun.

Socha na tha kuch aise din bhi aayenge,
raaton ko neend nahi, din main bus woh nazar aayenge.

Pyaar ki hai yeh kahaani, ban gayi zindagi suhaani.
Ab to hogi dhoop bhi sunhari aur chaaon roomani.

Dil bhi gaane laga hai geet naya, dhadkanen sargam nayi,
Aur pyaar ho gaya, raho hamesha meri palako par saji saji.

...... और प्यार हो गया

तन्हा सी थी ये राहें, मिला है हमसफर कुछ यूँ,
चलना है तेरे संग, हाथो में हाथ, गाते हुए नयी धुन|

सोचा ना था कुछ ऐसे दिन भी आएँगे,
रातों को नींद नही, दिन में बस वो नज़र आएँगे|

प्यार की है ये कहानी, बन गयी ज़िंदगी सुहानी,
अब तो होगी धूप भी सुनहरी और छाँव रूमानी|

दिल भी गाने लगा है गीत नया, धड़कनें सरगम नयी,
और प्यार हो गया, रहो हमेशा मेरी पलको पर सजी सजी|

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Woh saare dukh bane sukh mere,
woh aasoon bhi bane hasi meri,
Yeh daaman tera, bane dharti meri,
aur yeh aanchal, aasmaan se bada.

Tu hi kamzori meri, aur tu hi shakti meri,
saath hum dono dekhkar, vipatti bhi dare.
Chalta chalu, nirantar chalta hi chalu,
banke hamsafar, jo tu hamesha baju chale.

Sooraj failaye hai apni yeh bahein,
yeh dhoop se hai sunhara vatavaran.
Pavan ka halka halka shor jaise ho swar,
aur yeh paani kal kal jaise nayi dhun.

Kuch is tarah ho ab do se ek hum,
aur tham jaye yeh pal yahin ekdum.
Ho is navjeevan ki shuruaat duaaon se,
aa thame haath, aur kare
    abhivaadan, abhivaadan, abhivaadan …

Thursday, November 10, 2011

I didn't have to pay a bribe - "No harm in trying by your own before giving it to touts"

No harm in trying by your own before giving it to touts

I have posted this on the I PAID A BRIBE website.
My experience with Sub-registrar Office, Varthur, Bangalore.

No harm in trying by your own before giving it to touts

Reported : November 10, 2011 - 23:31 | City : Bangalore | Registration department
Department: Registration department
Transaction: Franking (e-stamping) of property
Bribe Type: personal
Details: I had this task of getting the property paper e-stamped (franking), and for that builder told me the exact amount of which the DD has to be made and then told me to handover him that much amount plus 400 Rs approx etc to get the franking done. I had asked him the reason for those extra 400 Rs, for which he mentioned to be given to officers there in Registrar Office as bribe. I told this is not registration, just a e-stamping, and for this also do we need to bribe them? For that he answered that "we are builders and just looking at us, he will ask for that extra money". I told him, better I will do it myself and he even supported my doing this.
Now, the main task - to go to Varthur Sub-Registrar Office and get the e-stamping done. Firstly, I have got the DD from the bank. Then on fine day, I visited the Registrar office in the afternoon, asked there what is to be done to get franking. One of the officer has told me to write an application for the same as per the prescribed format pasted on all the walls of the Registrar Office. I copied from one of the walls, and along with the DD, handed over the application, the DD and the property papers. After a few minutes, he called my name and it was done. I didn't have to any extra Rupee, and the best part is nobody, really nobody asked for it.
Moral of the Incident - Atleast give it a try doing it once by yourself, you never know, you can just get it done in couple of minutes, saving some money and more importantly a satisfaction that we have got this done without bribe, all ethically, it feels great. Try once.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dhaga Prem Ka

Rahiman dhaga prem ka, mat todo chatkaye,
Tute se phir na jude,  jude gaanth pad jaye.

We have read it, by-hearted it when we were in school. And I think, this is very much relevant in everyone's life. Rahim Dasji had told very aptly about the relationship and its delicateness and reasons why should we take care of it without any mistake.
Relationship and the emotions running in it - these are the things which haven't changed over the generations, cultures, religions, regions or nations. There are some blood relations by birth and there are some built up in the course of living the beautiful life. Regardless of their type, some privileged ones [relationships] are flowers of our nurturing true love, faith, trust, care and delicacy, and the result is a single thread blended out of all these different threads with our one life-thread.
And that is what Rahim Dasji had talked about in his Doha. One should take proper care not to do any thing which can cause any breakage in this thread, because once its broken, either its "two threads" or its "one with a knot". We should always make sure that we don't take these flowers for granted, we don't let bad weather take away its charm and keep these flowers away and untouched from ill effects of neighboring flowers/buds irrespective how good or bad they may be. 
Well, all said and done or not-done, but why this long post, do we already not know it? "Probably yes", actually "Mostly yes", but then why are we so careless to protect our flower which we nurtured for years, why???
Think .....
Anyways, I haven't written this post just to re-iterate what Rahim Dasji had said years back. I also want to give another optimistic perspective to it after the damage is being done and the flower has lost the charm.
To add to the Rahim's Doha-

Rahiman dhaga prem ka, mat todo chatkaye,
Tute se phir na jude,  jude gaanth pad jaye.
Tu Rahi, dil haar na, kitni moti gaanth re,
Le prem ka auzaar, ghisiyo, patli hui jaye. 

After all, its life, how much we think, how much we plan, things happen and sometimes the most unfavorable. But that can't be the end of it, or its not that we can't do anything, after all the Human is the most supreme species in this world, lets make good use of ourselves.
In short, as I stated in above 2 lines added to Doha, if there is anything which can undo the damage, which can bring back the old charm to the flower, then its is LOVE, the selfless love, the unconditional love, and nothing but only LOVE.
It has all the strength which can make that "gaanth" (knot) so thin, that the thread of life becomes the same old one.
Life is changing, people are running after their dreams, everyone is ambitious, we want every luxury in our life, we want to achieve huge, we want satisfaction in our life, we want happiness, but do you think all that will be worth if we have lost a few flowers while running. One can achieve all what one wants, we can be individually happy, we can alone achieve success but at the end of if, we need someone whom can we share our happiness with, our success with.
I just want to close this post by saying that, take a pause, read it over again, think and think, you will realize. I know I can face a lot of counter thoughts which may be philosophically right. We can come up with lot of reasons in defending ourselves for knowingly or unknowingly not protecting flowers, but dear, this is life and we should anyhow protect our flowers, and there are no exceptions, period. Life is precious and so are the flowers.

[Dedicating this post to all the flowers in my life]

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Yeh Kaisi Ladai !!!

Mere dost, yeh aisi bhi kya ladai hai,
kabhi tu aur kabhi teri parchai hai.
Zindagi chalti ja rahi hai yunhi aage,
keval haar hi hai ya jeet bhi payi hai.

Uth zara dekh, sooraj to aata hai rozaana,
Bahut mushkil hai yun to kinaron ko mil jana.
Tu hai agar sachcha, aur tera marg acha,
Kadam choomengi tere manzilein yeh pakka.

Rakh apne par tu yeh vishwaas,
Aur zindagi main kuch paane ki aas.
Kehne de logo ko jo kuch kehna hai,
Ek din samajh hi lenge tere yeh khaas.

Kyun tune bus ladne ki hi thaani hai,
lehro se ulte hi jana yeh manmaani hai,
kab jiyega apni zindagi tu hokar beparwah,
yeh duniya to aise hi, aise hi aani-jaani hai.

Na ho tu udaas aur na ho to yun pareshaan,
Raasta chuna hai jo tune, yeh nahi aasaan.
Par woh din dur nahi, lehre hogi teri humsafar,
aur mit jayenge mushkilon ne naamo-nishaan.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Jalta Ja Re - Chalta Ja Re

Khona na tu hai yeh jo iraade,
kya hua jo poore nahi woh vaade.
Yun to zarre se paani hai behta,
tu chaahe to usme khuda basa de.

Seencha hai tune jo isko itna,
kya hua jo tune chaanv payi na re.
Deepak hai tu jalta ja re, chalta ja re,
chaanv se naata kaisa tera,
bus aage raah dikhata ja re.

Kya hua jo zindagi teri na maane,
baaki duniya hai tere sirhaane.
Mat khona yeh roop tu apna,
sabse alag hai tu O' Deewane.

Kya falak aur kya kshitiz hai,
jo tujhko khud pe yakeen hai,
Paayega tu jo kuch bhi chaahe,
kuch bhi nahi jo na-mumkeen hai.

Bhar ke saare rang fiza main,
zindagi ko ek nagma bana le,
Indradhanush bane daaman tera,
aur baadalon ko aangan bana le.

Deepak hai tu jalta ja re, chalta ja re,
chaanv se naata kaisa, bus raah dikhata ja re.